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06 11, 2019

Vaping/E-Cigarette Industry Facing Huge Backlash

As of September 4th, Michigan became the first state in the nation to ban flavored e-cigarettes. The governor went on record to state that the change was needed to protect young people from the unknown but potentially harmful effects that vaping may have. For Pinpoint Payments, this news comes as[...]
20 09, 2019

The Visa Dispute Monitoring Program

What’s Changed With Visa Chargebacks? The Visa Chargeback Monitoring Program was renamed to The Visa Dispute Monitoring Program. As such, the VRPT application (Visa Risk Performance Tracking) will now show VDMP instead of VCMP. April 2018 saw Visa change the term chargeback to dispute, and now[...]
16 09, 2019

What Is NFC and Why is it Blowing Up?

In the modern digital age, a question had formed over the years, how many people use a card to pay for everything, and how many people use cash? The first cash register was invented on January 30th, 1883 by James Ritty—a saloon keeper. He nicknamed it the “incorruptible cashier”, Ritty was being[...]
16 09, 2019

Processing For Affiliate Marketers | Pinpoint Payments | Payment Processing Solutions

By Benjamin Grossman | September 16th, 2019 | blogs
Payment Processing While on Vacation at the Beach From December 2017 to June 2018, the search frequency of the term “affiliate marketing” increased by 44%. This is an absurd and rare spike in traffic for a business category, nevertheless, it shows how quickly affiliate marketing has picked up[...]
16 09, 2019

Types of Credit Card Fraud | Pinpoint Payments | Payment Processing Solutions

By Benjamin Grossman | September 16th, 2019 | Fraud Prevention, blogs
Credit card fraud accounts for about 30% of identity theft cases. As more and more people turn to ecommerce for shopping as well as starting a business or taking their existing one online, the importance of keeping your data safe has never been more important. At Pinpoint Payments, we have[...]
10 09, 2019

Online Business Need to Knows | Pinpoint Payments | Payment Processing Solutions

By Benjamin Grossman | September 10th, 2019 | M-Commerce, eCommerce, blogs
Mobile commerce, referred to as m-commerce, is a subset of e-commerce, and one that is gaining ground every day. As of the end of 2017, 82 percent of online users in the U.S. used a mobile device for online shopping, with 35 percent being mobile-only online shoppers. Overall, m-commerce accounted[...]
10 09, 2019

Black Market that Targets Stolen Credit Cards

Did you know that there is a market for stolen credit cards? The black market is a multi-million dollar business devoted to buying and selling credit cards that cause your business to lose out on its revenue. Due to the fact that credit cards are the primary form of payment, this information can be[...]
05 09, 2019

Beauty Industry | Pinpoint Payments | Payment Processing Solutions

By Benjamin Grossman | September 05th, 2019 | Chargeback Prevention, blogs
According to a report published by Orbis, the cosmetic products market size will maintain its average annual growth rate of 4.97%. That equates to about $4.98 billion in 2015 to $5.76 billion with the expected market size in 2023 will reach $7 billion. Think that’s a lot? The skin care products[...]
29 07, 2019

POS Technology is Evolving

POS technology has come a long way since the first cash register was invented in 1879 by James Ritty and John Birch (comedically dubbed the incorruptible cashier). POS technology has gone from being a tool to accept credit cards to a tool that enables consumer-focused specializations. Modern POS[...]
29 07, 2019

Restaurant Industry Processing | Pinpoint Payments | Payment Processing Solutions

By Benjamin Grossman | July 29th, 2019 | blogs
Approximately 92 percent of restaurants in the United States accepted credit cards as a payment in 2012, according to market research provider Euromonitor. That was in 2012, it has certainly increased or stayed consistent. Not only is the acceptance of credit payment that high in the industry, but[...]