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Nico Ruggieri

Nicholas, best known as Nico to his peers, is Co-Founder and Chief Sales Officer for Pinpoint Payments. Nico is widely considered an expert in Payment Processing, Fraud Prevention, and Chargeback Management with over a decade in the business. Nico is an active member of the Merchant Acquirers Association, Subscription Trade Association, National Hemp Association, and several others.
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eCommerce consumer trends

Trends in E-Commerce 2023
By Nico Ruggieri on March 23, 2023

If there’s one clear trend in eCommerce, it’s that the industry is growing fast. Online sales have continued to rise by at least 8 percent in recent years, and experts don’t predict this...

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Retail POS System

How to Choose the Right POS System: The Complete Guide
By Nico Ruggieri on March 7, 2023

No matter how much nostalgia we may feel for them, cash and checks are on their way out. As it stands, there are over 1 billion credit card transactions every day worldwide, and that number...

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merchant processing business tips

What Is an Authorization Hold and What Is It For?
By Nico Ruggieri on February 21, 2023

Authorization holds are a common practice used by banks and credit card companies. However, they can pose some inconveniences for consumers. As it stands, authorization holds are one of the

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eCommerce merchant account

What You Need to Know about Getting an eCommerce Merchant Account in 2023
By Nico Ruggieri on February 10, 2023

In today’s world, you don’t need to break the bank to open a small business or store. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to enter the business world, and there are over 24 million...

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Credit Card Payment Processing Retail

Business Owners: What Do Your Credit Card Processing Fees Look Like?
By Nico Ruggieri on January 10, 2023

Credit card processing fees are (unfortunately) a part of life when it comes to running a small business, especially if you run a brick-and-mortar store. Easy swiping (or contactless)...

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Retail consumer trends

Planning for 2023? Here’s How to Set Up Your Retail or Online Business
By Nico Ruggieri on December 29, 2022

Regardless of the type of business you run, it’s always smart to sit down at the end of a year and vision cast for the days ahead. With the holidays in the rearview, you have some time to...

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Fraud Prevention

Fighting Friendly Fraud: 6 Tips For Small Businesses
By Nico Ruggieri on December 19, 2022

Your business is thriving, and you're even thinking about scaling up based on how things are going.

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Chargeback Prevention

Holiday Chargebacks: What to Look Out For
By Nico Ruggieri on December 13, 2022

In some ways, it’s unfortunate that online shopping grew as big as it did before digital sales platforms could catch up. Just ask many small business owners, especially during the holidays.

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business tips POS System

If You Want Massive Business Growth, Watch These Numbers
By Nico Ruggieri on April 6, 2022

When it comes to watching numbers, a lot of the business owners I talk with have the basics covered. They’re watching things like revenue, ad spend, conversion rate, and cost per sale....

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How to Make the Most out of Your Payment Processing Solution
By Nico Ruggieri on January 31, 2022

I was talking the other day with a shop owner who has a robust local business that he’d like to make even bigger. His plan is to bring in more sales and have subcontractors make the...

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