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Digital Payment

The Rise of Digital Payments: Revolutionizing the Payments Industry
By Nico Ruggieri on March 11, 2024

Discover how digital payments are reshaping the way we handle transactions and the future of the payments industry.

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5 Ways to Minimize Credit Card Processing Fees
By Nico Ruggieri on September 21, 2023

Credit card processing fees are a part of modern business, especially in the e-commerce market. Careful attention to monthly processing charges can help companies identify areas of...

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Five Ways to Optimize the Checkout Experience and Boost Conversion Rates
By Nico Ruggieri on September 7, 2023

A reality of e-commerce is that most potential purchases don’t come to fruition. According to a 12-year study by the Baymard Institute, about 70% of online consumers globally abandon their...

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Buy Now Pay Later Across The Merchant Processing Landscape
By Nico Ruggieri on August 14, 2023

From the mercantile ledgers of the 1800s to the days of layaway following the Great Depression, the practice of deferring payment has existed for many years. In fact, the principle of...

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The Shift to Mobile and Digital Payments: A Quick Look for Small Businesses
By Nico Ruggieri on May 11, 2023

The way we pay for goods and services has changed dramatically in recent years, with more and more people opting to use mobile and digital payments. This shift has had a profound impact on...

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