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Businesses We Provide Merchant Services To:


The eCommerce industry continues to grow year-after-year. When you need a payments provider that you can trust for your eCommerce business, look no further than Pinpoint Payments to help you accept credit cards and prevent fraud.


Retail businesses are facing new challenges as more and more sales happening outside their storefront. The large breath of Pinpoint Payments POS systems allow retail stores to stay competitive in an ever-changing retail sales environment.


Innovation in the restaurant industry continues to flourish with more customers expecting a variety of options in their dining experiences. Pinpoint Payments can help restaurateurs meet the challenges of today’s highly competitive market.


The CBD industry exploded in 2018 and continues to show signs of high growth. While many merchants won’t work with CBD companies, we specialize in this sector and know the complications involved in your business. We remove the hurdles you might run into with other merchants processors.


Quite possibly one of the most controversial industries in recent years, the vaping industry isn’t going anywhere. Whether you are an online vape retailer or have a traditional brick-and-mortar vape shop, Pinpoint Payments can help you.

Health and Beauty

The health and beauty industry is a continually growing sector. Pinpoint Payments currently works with some of the largest online direct-to-consumer health and beauty merchants. We lend our expertise to help them adapt to change, grow and expand.


The medical industry continues to evolve past your traditional cash-only doctor’s office. Patients continue to want to change the way they pay their healthcare providers. Pinpoint Payments is here to help healthcare providers navigate those challenges.


The firearms industry continues to be a politically and emotionally charged topic. National news coverage has caused banks and other industries to shy away. Pinpoint Payments is able to help licensed firearms dealers with their retail and online sales.

Membership Clubs

Traditional payment processors can be hesitant to deal with the ins and outs of continuity membership clubs. Due to the recurring billing, membership clubs are often viewed as high risk by traditional banks. Pinpoint Payments is an industry leader in membership club merchant services.


Jewelry purveyors typically have high ticket transactions and pose an increased risk to credit card processing banks. Pinpoint Payments can help your jewelry business with both brick-and-mortar and online sales.

Travel & Hospitality

Travel and hospitality providers routinely face challenges finding a suitable home for their credit card processing, especially post pandemic. Due to potential risk concerns, many merchant processing banks shy away from this industry altogether. At Pinpoint Payments, we have the solutions that appreciate the struggle.

Affiliate Marketing

The affiliate marketing industry runs the web. Affiliate marketers are responsible for billions of dollars in online revenue, and silently represent some of the top brands. We’ve worked with smaller publishers, affiliate marketing websites, as well as larger advertisers.


Credit card processing is a debt product. Businesses with no financial history provide a higher risk of loss and reputation damage. At Pinpoint Payment we focus on helping startups get off the ground. Using our expertise is one of the best ways to ensure your future success.

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