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How to Build Customer Loyalty Through Payment Processing: 5 Strategies
By Nico Ruggieri on July 19, 2023

In the highly competitive business landscape of today, customer loyalty is a key factor for sustainable success. Establishing strong relationships with customers can lead to repeat...

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Setting Up a Loyalty Rewards Program Before the Holidays (Tips & Ideas)
By Ben Grossman on October 10, 2022

In business, loyalty wins. In fact, 90 percent of businesses offer some type of loyalty rewards program. It's a way to keep customers coming back, which is much easier than trying to get...

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Tips Local Retailers Can Learn From Online Businesses
By Ben Grossman on September 29, 2022

Tips Local Retailers Can Learn From Online Businesses While eCommerce continues to grow at a rapid rate, brick-and-mortar stores are coming in strong. Shoppers are clearly indicating that...

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6 Fall Promotion Ideas to Turn up Sales as The Leaves Turn Colors
By Ben Grossman on September 15, 2022

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How a Loyalty Rewards Program Can Benefit Small Business
By Ben Grossman on May 9, 2022

You spend a lot of time and effort to get customers in the door. But what about getting them to come back? Turning a new customer into a repeat customer allows you to better leverage your...

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