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8 Tips to Take Your Retail Store Online
By Ben Grossman on October 21, 2021

With more people returning to in-person shopping, it might be tempting to expand your brick-and-mortar retail store. However, more people than ever are still doing their shopping online....

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What Every Merchant Should Know About the 2021 Holiday Season
By Nico Ruggieri on September 30, 2021

My son hasn’t decided what he wants to be for Halloween this year, but he’s already handed me his Christmas list! Normally I’d say it’s way too soon, but this year, he’s onto something.

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E-Commerce Holiday Trends: What Retailers Need to Know About Gift-Giving During a Pandemic
By Ben Grossman on September 10, 2020

The world of e-commerce looks different right now because of COVID-19. Typically, an e-commerce business would look back at the previous year to identify holiday e-commerce trends. However,...

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