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What exactly is a Dual Pricing Program?

These days, customers are all about speed and convenience. 

This, combined with the rising appeal of solutions like contactless payments, has caused more people than ever to ditch cash for credit.

Great for them but expensive for you, right? That extra 2-4% in fees can easily shave thousands of dollars off your bottom line per year -- until now!

By implementing a dual pricing program, the cost of processing a credit card transaction is passed on (and transparently shown as a separate line-item) to customers who still opt to pay with their card at the time of the sale via the technology we offer to business owners. You choose when and how you want this program to work.


How Dual Pricing Works:

 green icon checkmarkYour posted prices include the rate for card payments (no surcharge added upon payment).
green icon checkmarkCustomers can choose to pay this built-in processing fee or have that amount discounted by paying cash. 
green icon checkmarkBoth scenarios mean your business is saving money on credit card processing fees, potentially adding thousands annually to your bottom line!


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Q: “Completely ‘eliminating” fees sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?”

A: No catch at all. There are no hidden fees (for any service Pinpoint Payments provides), ever! Using a dual pricing program is just as transparent for your customers, too.

As mentioned earlier, the prices posted in your business are what customers pay using a credit card, or, they can choose to pay cash and not incur the processing fee.

In either of those scenarios, you never pay a processing fee again!


Q: “Are dual pricing programs legal and compliant?

A: 100% legal! By having your posted prices reflect the cost of using a card (instead of posting a “cash price” and charging a higher price for credit card transactions), you’ll be fully legal and compliant.

For further clarification, search “The Durbin Amendment” online.


Q: “Are dual pricing programs and surcharge programs the same thing?”

A: No, there is one major difference in dual pricing programs vs. surcharges.

Surcharges refer to posting cash prices and adding a surcharge (extra fee) on top of that price for card-carrying customers.

As mentioned before, a dual pricing program does the opposite. Posted prices are for credit cards. If a customer wants to avoid that built-in fee in exchange for a slight discount, they may do so by paying cash.

Now, it’s your turn!



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