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08 02, 2021

8 Reasons to Add Online Invoicing to Your Business Now

By Benjamin Grossman | February 08th, 2021 | Online Payment Processing
8 Reasons to Add Online Invoicing to Your Business Now Historically, when it came time to get paid, businesses mailed out an invoice and waited for a check to arrive. Fortunately, that system has stepped into the digital era enabling a faster and safer alternative. Businesses can send invoices and[...]
28 01, 2021

Swamped by a Successful Facebook Campaign

Dear Nico, After trying out a few products, I hit on what I was sure to be hot for the holidays - a portable pop up desk that can turn any flat surface into a stable standing desk with a handy cup holder. I made a great deal with a supplier that had a distribution center in California, and we[...]
16 07, 2019

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22 05, 2019

Credit Card Processing for Startups | Merchant Services | Pinpoint

So you’ve got a new, ground-breaking idea: maybe it’s the next Facebook, Air BnB, Uber, or Groupon. All of these businesses have one major thing in common: they all need to accept credit card payments from their users. There are many different payment processors that do not accept startup companies[...]
13 02, 2019

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