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03 02, 2016

Avoid These! | Pinpoint Payments | Payment Processing Solutions

By Benjamin Grossman | February 03rd, 2016 | Risk Prevention, blogs
What is the MATCH List? MATCH, the Member Alert to Control High-Risk Merchants system, a.k.a. the Terminated Merchant File (TMF), is a MasterCard proprietary tool that enables acquirers and third-party payment processors to “red flag” a merchant in cases of bankruptcy, excessive chargebacks,[...]
03 02, 2016

Chargeback Myths | Pinpoint Payments | Payment Processing Solutions

Many merchants are afraid of chargebacks — and rightfully so. However, there are many myths associated with chargebacks, which is why merchants need to weed through the myths to find the facts. Use our information in this email newsletter to debunk the popular myths and help online merchants manage[...]
03 02, 2016

The Costs of Click Fraud | Pinpoint Payments | Payment Processing Solutions

By Benjamin Grossman | February 03rd, 2016 | News Stories, blogs
Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and online affiliate referral programs are powerful tools for attracting valuable web traffic and driving sales. The relationship between a business and an affiliate can be simple and symbiotic: Businesses pay for valuable referrals, and affiliates collect revenue[...]
03 02, 2016

Fraud Focus Moves to Online Sellers

October 1, 2015 marked an important date for merchants: the EMV card liability shift went into effect. EMV chip cards are the new credit cards with an embedded chip that many consumers are receiving. The chip in these cards affords a greater protection for merchants and their customers shopping at[...]
29 01, 2016

Holiday Season: Pinpoint Intelligences Announces Decrease in Credit Card Fraud

By Benjamin Grossman | January 29th, 2016 | News Stories, blogs
Full story here
29 01, 2016

Optimize Your Manual | Payment Processing Solutions | Credit Card Processing

By Benjamin Grossman | January 29th, 2016 | Risk Prevention, eCommerce, blogs
Optimize Your Manual Review Process in 2016 From single owner e–commerce store fronts to major online retailers, many businesses that rely on card–not–present (CNP) transactions for revenue are still saddled with a slow, ineffective method of fraud prevention known as manual review. Facing rising[...]
29 01, 2016

5 e-Commerce Fraud Trends | Pinpoint Payments | Merchant Processing Service

5 e–Commerce Fraud Trends to Watch The beginning of every year is a time for predictions, so here’s one: fraud will continue in 2016. But not all  fraud is the same. Knowing what to look for  is a big part of identifying and preventing fraud. Here are five  major fraud trends to look for in 2016:[...]