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What Is Pinpoint Chargeback Management?

Pinpoint Payments offers a full robust automated chargeback management and prevention solution. With literally hundreds of integrations and automated processes, Pinpoint Payments can help you manage, fight and prevent chargebacks.

Pinpoint Payments Chargeback Management Includes:

  • Integration into most banks
  • Integration into many CRM services
  • Pre-chargeback Alerts can stop up to 50% of Chargebacks before they happen
  • Many chargebacks can be handled with little or no involvement from the merchant
  • Can work with both the United States and many international processors

Pinpoint Payments is an authorized reseller of Verifi CDRN and a master reseller of Ethoca Alerts

Avoid losses and fines, work with Pinpoint Payments and get a handle on your chargebacks today.

Protect your business today!