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Payment Processor for Medical Companys

The amount of doctor’s offices that still operate under traditional cash-only payments is dwindling. With Apple Pay, credit and debit cards, eCommerce, and a move away from carrying cash, payment processing for the medical field and industry continues to grow exponentially. The medical industry, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare professionals, family practices, and hospitals, exceeds hundreds of billions of dollars annually.

Payment processing for the medical industry is constantly changing as people demand easier payment solutions. We assist medical practices and online eCommerce stores with simple merchant processing services that ease the burden that chargebacks and fraud can cause. We are experts at mitigating risk and securing payments for your medical business. We offer low up-front costs for modern POS systems that are easy to use and Apple/Android pay ready. Pinpoint Payments is always at the cusp of innovation when it comes to the merchant processing world.

The healthcare industry shows no signs of slowing down and neither do we. If your medical business or practice needs simple, secure payment processing services, you’ve come to the right page.

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