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Health & Beauty Payment Processing Solutions

Pinpoint Payments offers credit card processing and eCommerce processing for health, beauty, cosmetic, and supplement companies at every level in the industry. It is estimated that the total revenue of the cosmetic industry in the United States exceeds $62 billion dollars annually; this is no surprise when you factor in hair care, skin care, perfumes, toiletries, deodorants, make-up, and oral cosmetic products. Skincare comprises almost a quarter of this market. We believe that you cannot put a price tag on looking and feeling your best, which is why we work with a countless number of companies in this sector.

Just like the cosmetic industry, the supplement market is big business; by the end of the 2015-2021 economic forecast period, the revenue for the global dietary supplements market is projected to reach $220 billion annually. This revenue comes from amino acids, sports supplements, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and botanicals. As awareness towards weight loss, fitness lifestyles, healthy living, and weight management continues to grow, so too will the revenue that these products carry. The health benefits of a healthy diet and supplementation have not gone unnoticed; for example, folic acid has been shown to decrease the risk of certain birth defects, while vitamin D and calcium supplementation has proven to be an effective remedy against bone loss. Businesses in this category rely on fast credit card processing and uncomplicated virtual terminals to handle their business.

These two industries aren’t going anywhere; as they are projected to grow, so are we. Pinpoint Payments understands the importance of staying current in such a competitive industry and we strive to give all of our clients the edge they need to succeed in the marketplace. We offer simple, secure payment processing services for the health and beauty sector. We provide our health and beauty stores and eCommerce websites with simple and fast check-out procedures, PCI compliance, and unmatched payment processing abilities.

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