Contactless Payment

Help keep guests safe and secure with contactless payment solutions that lets them tap, dip, or swipe to pay for their order.

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Take Every Kind of Payment

Let your customers pay the way they want to.

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  • EMV Chip cards
  • Swipe Cards
  • Contactless NFC Payments
  • Checks
  • Cash
  • Gift Cards

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Order + Pay At The Table

Give your guests the ability to order and pay for their meals from the convenience and safety of their own devices.

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Customize Your System

The right mix of hardware
Select the stationary and portable devices that fulfill your needs.
The right mix of software
Customize your POS with features and functionalities right for you.
Enhance with accessories
Add Pinpoint Payment-approved accessories to make your entire system more robust and efficient.

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Don't Wait. 

Start taking payments now, with your own devices or no devices at all. Application is simple and fast. 

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